Palestar was formed in 1995 as the main creative outlet of guitarist and songwriter, Nicholas James. Mixing a unique blend of acoustic folk, indie, psychedelic and electronic music into something new and exciting.

Staring in late 2012, writing began for our latest album Into the Untold. Released February 26th, 2016 on Astralboy Records.

13 songs. 46 minutes of music. 

This album started as an idea over 3 years ago, as I was picking up the pieces at the end of a grueling relationship. It was a way to maintain focus, stay sane, and get back to my true love in life, creating music.

Much more than just a set of songs, this symbolizes my personal rebirth as an artist and musician. It’s a story of coming back from the brink of despair, and turning my life around for the better. I hope you find something in these songs that moves and inspires you.